Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Our Chairman Message

It is a special for me to introduce the Dr. Trishuldhari Pandey Memorial College of Education prospectus. This Prospectus reflects the program and growth of our Institute.

Our education has to reach out to all. But more than anything . it has to touch the hearts of the people through the noble profession of Paramedical . Hence academic excellence is not just sufficient it has to go beyond that to treat people as persons, to help them to achieve great height and to make them good citizens of tomorrow.

I am glad that our Dr. Trishuldhari Pandey Memorial College of Education is focusing on the wholesome development of the human personality by inculacating values and by paying equal attention to the development of the body, mind and spirit.

With this goal in mind, the staff of Dr. Trishuldhari Pandey Memorial College of Education strives toward perfecting the minds of the students through an innovative values based curriculum inculacating in them the need to put others before them with the faith that it is good to do good to all.

I wish the team of students and staff the best and pray for success in all their endeavors

Mr. Rajesh Kumar (Chairman)

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