Secretary Message

Secretary Message

Secretary Message

The most fundamental principle in medicine is love and care nursing is a noble profession and nursing are committed to love and care for suffering people, The continuing evolution of health care and technology opens new doors for paramedical education . It requires requires caring professionals who will excel in meeting the challenge of a rapidly changing health care scenario.

In Dr. Trishuldhari Pandey Memorial College of Education we believe in building on our commitment to excel paramedical educational needs . This college is dedicated to prepare competent and responsible practitioners who are committed to service and leadership as professional nurses.

The curriculum is designed to develop habits of scholarly thinking and to motivate the students to use theoretical and empirical knowledge from paramedical and related disciplines. This will enable the students to thing critically, communicate effectively and provide professional paramedical students care in a variety of health care setting This also facilitates them to assure leadership roles as paramedical practitioners and teachers in a wide variety of health care delivery systems. Our faculty is carrying and committed.


Ruby Kumari (Secretary)


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